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7 October 2013 6:21 pm | Written by Eyko 0 comments

It's a long time I not updated. Lol kinda busy. Hmm, how's your day today? My day is not a good day. Who cares? Nevermined.

Eh how my new looking blog? Is it okay? Hahaha I'm so tired because half of the day I edited some the skin. Not much, just a liltle. Alaa, you know lah me, cerewet. Itu tak kena, ini tak kena. Serba tak kena semua lah. Hehehe but finally I got what I want. Jeng jeng *fireworks*

Actually sekarang tengah merajuk dengan my love. Tapi dia tak pujuk and tak cari aku pun. Haihh, sedih betul. Biarlah dia, malas nak text dia. Nak tunggu dia yang text dulu. Lantaklah dia nak cakap apa. Nak marah ke, taknak tegur ke apa. For sure, I don't care. Nak buat apa cari orang yang tak perlukan kita right? Huh!!! *jeling* Sakit betul hati aku dia last reply "okay" wtf? Aku apa lagi terus tak reply. Bukan apa kalau aku reply nanti takut jadi gaduh pula. So better I stop it. Tulis panjang-panjang pun tak guna, bukan ada orang yang boleh tolong pun kan. K dah bye.
21 May 2013 5:50 pm | Written by Eyko 0 comments

Yeay yeay yeay yeay!!! And finally exam is end! Haaa........ i feel so relieved. I don't care about stdying untill midnight or what so ever. Hahaha two days left, for our 2 weeks holiday!!! I cannot wait that day lol

Oh, before I forgot, today is my crush's birthday. But the sad story is......... I'm not say Happy Birthday to him. What a loss to me. Arghhh!!! I feel so regret! :'( I can't delete my "ego". I'm sorry crush. Nevermine lah.
Jeng jeng..... my mum's birthday almost close. 24th May. Yeah, like "umm dekat je dengan birthday my crush" lol omg omg how excited me :p Um, I think enough for today aha bye uolls.
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